Monday, September 6, 2010

శుక్రకణం కులమేమి? జీవితం విలువేమి?


అరుణ పప్పు said...

మహేశ్ గారూ, థేంక్స్.

River and Sea said...

The girl seems to be funded by the missionaries based outside India who are instigating hatred among the people of India in the name of a religion which is originally based on LOVE.
These are the people who abuse the children in Churches of their own countries. These are the people who by looting the third world countries by setting up poisonous factories which pollute the all elements where they are based. These are the people who destroyed the lives of thousands of people in Goa and Kerala by brutally killing the people who resisted to convert in to Christianity. These are the people who annihilated the thousands of years of civilisation in America, Haiti, Australia just to name a few.
These are the people who killed people from even their own religion just because they are from different race. These are the people who throw money on the poor people in the name of conversions, setting up rates for those who strongly resist conversions. These are the people who come from a religion which brands non believers as sinners and brands them as decendants of Saitan.
These are the people who feed meet to cows and in turn eat them. These are the people who tried to destabilise India for centuries in different ways but not succeeded. They wont be succeeding any where in future also for thousands of years to come.

These thugs who can not be called as human should be banned from India.

కత్తి. మహేష్ కుమార్ said...

@river and sea: Based on ur foolish assumption you are making lot of accusations that are smelling hindutwa shit. should I really be caring for such bull shit !

కత్తి. మహేష్ కుమార్ said...

@river and sea: Meena Kandasamy (1984) is a poet, writer and translator. She represented India as a writer-in-residence at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program 2009. Her debut poetry collection, Touch, with a foreword by Kamala Das, was published in August 2006. Two o...f her poems, Mascara, and My Lover Speaks of Rape, have won first prizes in pan-Indian poetry competitions. Her second collection of poems Ms.Militancy will be published later this year. Her poetry has been profiled in Poetry International Web, Other Voices Poetry, 3 Quarks Daily and the Talking Poetry section of Open Space India. Her poetry has appeared in various journals including The Little Magazine, Kavya Bharati, Indian Literature, Carapace, Pratilipi and the Quarterly Literary Review, Singapore. She was a featured poet in the City of Asylum Jazz Poetry Concert 2009 held in Pittsburgh, USA; Brave New Voices Poetry Slam organized by the US Consulate Chennai and the Prakriti Foundation (Dec 2009); and the National Writers' Meet 2010 organized by the Sahitya Akademi and the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.

She has translated more than a dozen books of poetry and prose from Tamil to English, significant among them the works of Dravidian ideologue Periyar E.V.Ramasamy, Dalit leader Thol.Thirumavalavan and Tamil Eelam poets. She thinks that writing, translation and activism are ways in which she can confront and come to terms with her womanness, her dalitness and her tamilness—three categories of belonging that continue to enshrine a history of resistance to oppression.