Wednesday, April 28, 2010

మహిళలు - సంస్కృతి - గ్రేట్ వీడియో


Anonymous said...

They need the allies like imam and father of someone... and men can be alies for these kind women. But not the kind of women who misuse the laws and destroy men life and make their life miserable, and says "it is your turn".Nobody like to be allies to them and the people who support it in the name of "understanding the social structure deeply".

భావన said...

Nice video. She has a strong voice and nice presentation skills and of course she has a point but little tweak here and there. కర్ర విరగకుండా పాము చావకుండా అంటారే అలా అనిపించింది ఒకటీ రెండూ చోట్ల, may be she need to have that balance to keep the movement up. Very nice presentation though. Thanks for sharing it.